The Human Services Council (HSC) Calls New Yorkers to Action

Not familiar with the Human Services Council (HSC)? If you don’t yet know much about this important organization, but you care about local nonprofits like Goodwill NYNJ and their contributions to your community, you’ll want to read this.

The HSC is a member organization that helps numerous human service providers within its network, like GoodwillNYNJ, meet their goals. Committed to building a strong human services network in New York, the organization recently released a report examining nonprofits in the New York City area, their current funding models, and the road blocks that keep these stellar providers encounter. The report, written after the Council brought together stakeholders and nonprofit experts to examine the issues, presents recommendations to strengthen this essential industry.

The key takeaways from the HSC’s suggestions to strengthen crucial State nonprofits:

  1. Public programs should be developed in consultation with human services providers to create more meaningful results – providers should be involved in the development process from the beginning.
  2. Many nonprofit organizations suffer from chronic funding issues, which impede their ability to deliver high-quality services.
  3. Nonprofits and their boards must adopt financial evaluation tools and risk assessment methods, and the sector should develop rating systems to evaluate government agencies and individual procurements.


For more on the importance of reinvesting in human services and how integral they are to our communities, take a minute to check out this video:


And what can you do to help? Use your voice. Encourage government leaders, both at the local and state levels, to support essential human services and the nonprofit organizations that provide them.

Support Goodwill NYNJ with your donations, both big and small – donations of any size to our thrift stores around the State provide funds to back our programs and empower individuals through employment and other services.

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