February is National Parent Leadership Month, which is a time to raise awareness about the crucial role that parents play in shaping the lives of the children and other families around them.

And February might be almost over, but there’s still time to recognize this special month and the wonderful parent leaders in your life and in your community.

Parent leaders are the cornerstone of supportive homes and communities, and there are a lot of little things they do every day to have a positive influence on those around them. They educate, they encourage, and they help propel the kids in their homes and communities towards successful futures.

And by simply making donations to community-minded organizations like Goodwill NYNJ, parents and other significant figures in children’s lives can instantly show them the importance of being involved in something bigger than themselves. It might seem like a small act, but donating to Goodwill is actually a huge undertaking.

Whether unloading gently worn but no-longer-needed clothes, passing already-read books onto new readers, or donating unwanted but still-perfectly-usable electronics, parents who choose to donate items like these instead of throwing them away save about 117 million pounds of unwanted items from getting tossed into local landfills. Instead, these items are given new lives and used again in new homes – and the children in our communities are taught from day one about reusing and how they can help minimize their environmental impact.



Aside from preventing waste, donations to Goodwill NYNJ have allowed about 95,000 people to access important services in the last year – because 92 cents from every dollar earned at our thrift stores support our mission and vital programs, like financial, family, and career services.

Every donation, no matter its size, helps back these crucial programs. Every bag of clothes, every book, every kitchen gadget or laptop funds classes and support for someone searching for meaningful work. Donations create jobs and create a ripple of good felt throughout the community.

And who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

Celebrate National Parent Leadership Month before the end of February and show a child in your life how good it feels to donate.

Want to know more about donating? Check out our site, or see how GoodwillNYNJ was involved in Dell’s #TechTakeback in NYC on America Recycles Day.

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