Emerald Brand holds collection drive for Goodwill NYNJ

green team

Recently, Emerald Brand, a U.S-based company headquartered in Syosset, NY, held its first collection drive to benefit Goodwill NYNJ.

Emerald Brand reached out to businesses around their headquarters. They collected a blue Goodwill bin, full to the brim, with approximately 250 pounds of donations.

Emerald Brand “makes it easy for homes and businesses to make responsible choices with an affordable product line ranging from Tree-Free and petroleum-free tissue and food service products to Earth-friendly cleaning solutions.” Emerald Brand products are available for consumers and for businesses.

“Last year, Emerald Brand diverted 1.7 million pounds of landfill waste with the use of our sustainable disposable products,” says Gabrielle Lindau, Director of Sustainability Marketing and Communications at Emerald Brand.
Goodwill NYNJ regularly partners with residential and commercial buildings, colleges, nonprofit organizations and corporations to collect unwanted clothing, household goods, and electronics. Last year, Goodwill NYNJ helped area residents to divert more than 112 million pounds of usable goods from local landfills.

If your company, residence, or college would like to hold a collection drive to get rid of unwanted clothing, household goods and electronics, please contact Martha Gotwals, Goodwill’s Customer & Donor Services Director at mgotwals@goodwillnynj.org


View the rest of the photos on facebook here

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