Goodwill youth participate in Brooklyn Nets basketball clinic

20151011_121332This past Sunday, October 11, a group of students from the Susan S. McKinney Secondary School of the Arts participated in a Basketball clinic sponsored by the Brooklyn Nets. They were part of a group of approximately 200 youth from different organizations.

The 10-12 year-old youth who attended the “by invitation only” sporting event participate in Goodwill NYNJ’s Beacon 265 program. The program is located in the Fort Green section of Brooklyn.

Beacon Community Centers provide a wide array of educational and recreational activities for anybody ages, six to adult. The Beacon programs are designed to engage the entire community of the host school, after school, evenings, weekends, school holidays, and during the summer. Activities include homework help, music, dance, cooking, basketball, SAT and college preparation activities, basketball, ESL, Junior Achievement, Girl Scouts, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), service learning, Robotics, Project Based Learning, and much more.

For more information on services at Goodwill’s Beacon 265 program, please contact Program Director Neil Jeter at (718) 237-0852.

Goodwill’s Beacon 265 program:

101 Park Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11205

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