Summer is no fun, unless you are at summer camp!

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On Wednesday, July 22, summer camp participants of our SONYC program at PS 157 had a field trip to Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park.

SONYC 157 Summer Camp participants made several other field trips to the Movie Theater, Staten Island Ferry, Madison Square Garden, bowling, Dave and Busters, The Museum of Modern Art, and Adventure Land.

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Other than field trips, what do they do at Goodwill’s SONYC 157 Summer Camp?

At the beginning of summer, students created Career Questionnaires to interview people they found interesting during field trips. The students worked in small groups to ask questions and record responses.

What kind of questions did they ask?

Some of the questions included: How did you find out about your job?

What type of education or training is required for this position?

What is your favorite/least favorite aspect of your work?

Who did they interview?

They interviewed a police officer, movie theater ticket taker, Staten Island Ferry Conductor, security guard, hot dog vendor, and Madison Square Garden Manager.

For more information about SONYC Summer Camp at PS/IS 157, contact Adrienne Mehta at (917) 744-2409 or

Camp Location: 850 Kent Ave (Room 318), Brooklyn, NY 11205

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Now that I captured your attention on summer camps, I can’t let the fun stop there!

Beacon 149 Camp participants enjoy a variety of activities which includes: Be Fit to Play, team building gym activity, Let’s Get Crafty, arts and crafts, as well as Junior Achievement information and strategies towards financial stability and career building.

Having fun when you are young is important, but learning how to save money and the different things you can do at a young age are equally important too.

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For more information about Beacon 149 Summer Camp, contact Dominique Fils-Aime at (718) 426-0888 or

Camp Location: 93-11 134th Ave, Jackson Heights, NY 11372

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Campers Participate in Zumba Fitness Class

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Exercising can be a hassle, but when you are having fun, that’s a different story!

Zumba classes at Goodwill’s Compass program at PS 40 are led by Brittany Victorian, a former program participant, volunteer and now Group Leader/Dance Specialist at Goodwill NYNJ. Classes are held every Monday, Wednesday and Friday after breakfast. Zumba class starts off with 15 minutes of stretching and 30-40 minutes of dancing.

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Always remember that it is very important to stretch before and after exercising. Stretching helps reduce muscle tension, and make the body feel more relax, increases the range of motion, and prevent joint strains.

For more information about Zumba Classes at Goodwill’s Compass Program at PS 40, contact Van White at

Camp Location: 109-20 Union Hall Street, Jamaica, NY 11433


I made you want to go to summer camp, didn’t I?


What are your favorite summer activities?


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