1. Jobs-Plus helps find work for residents of the Clason Point, Sack Wern and Monroe NYCHA developments in The Bronx.
  2. Jobs-Plus offers work readiness services including help with job applications, interview preparation and professional appearance. It also provides referrals for training and certification in the construction, food service and security fields.
  3. Once program members find work, Jobs-Plus offers financial counseling to ensure they make the best choices: saving money and learning how to budget expenses.
  4. Jobs-Plus is operated by Goodwill Industries of Greater NY and Northern NJ. Goodwill NYNJ is a nonprofit that has been enhancing the lives of New Yorkers for 100 years.
  5. Jobs-Plus is funded through the Young Men’s Initiative at New York City’s Center for Economic Opportunity and administered by the Human Resource Administration in collaboration with NYCHA and the Office of Financial Empowerment at the Department of Consumer Affairs.

On Saturday, July 25, Goodwill NYNJ connected residents to free and low-cost health insurance at a Jobs-Plus block party. Hot 97 radio station provided music and live entertainment. Narco Freedom substance abuse services were also available. There were games for children, food and the opportunity for residents to enroll in the Jobs-Plus program.

For more information about Jobs-Plus, please contact Assistant Program Director Janae Shields at (347)-291-8050 or jshields@goodwillnynj.org. You can also follow on Facebook at www.facebook.com/goodwilljobsplus.

Now that you know more about Jobs-Plus, what are you waiting for?!?



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