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Anders Lee from the New York Islanders

Thank you @Leeberr09 for taking the time to meet with @GoodwillNYNJ Students.

The New York Islanders hockey team annual Blue and White Prospect Scrimmage was held on Tuesday, July 7 at the Barclays Center. Three lucky youths who attend Goodwill’s Beacon 265 program in Brooklyn and two parents had the opportunity to attend this event to welcome the Islanders to Brooklyn. Students Jordan Jeter, Catherine Gil, Tyleik Jordan and Izyre Hester met with Islanders left shooter Anders Lee.

Anders Lee, who was born in Edina, Minnesota, wears jersey number 27. Lee was drafted to the New York Islanders in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft.

The Annual Blue and White Prospect Scrimmage gave fans a chance to declare teenagers superstars, they had a once in a lifetime opportunity to play low-contact hockey at the team’s new home for the first time. The scrimmage was followed by a skills competition in which some kids had the chance to dazzle the crowd with their skating and puck skills.

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Here’s how I became a hockey fan in 2009. I was bored at home and had nothing to do, so I decided to watch the 2009 Stanley Cup Final. It was my very first time watching a hockey game, and Pittsburgh Penguins was playing at Detroit Red Wings. While I was watching the game, I liked the Penguins for no reason even though I didn’t know that they were going to be the 2009 Stanley Cup Champions, since then I became a Penguins fan and never missed a Stanley Cup Playoffs game.

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Are you a hockey fan? Please share your experience and how you became a hockey fan. Let me know who your favorite team is and how long you were a hockey fan.

For more information on services at Goodwill’s Beacon 265 program, please contact (718) 237-0852.

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Fort Green

Beacon Program at JHS 265:

101 Park Avenue

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Goodwill NYNJ Beacon 109 Step Team

Congratulations to the Beacon’s Finest, even though they did not win the DYCD Step it up competition, they did put on a stellar performance at the world’s famous Apollo Theater. Their campaign against bullying was heard loud and clear as they screamed across the auditorium, “If you don’t have anything good to say, don’t say anything at all!” This theme resonated throughout the crowd even after they left the stage. Director of Beacon 109, Frankco Harris said “I am so proud of these talented young women, they are symbols of dedication, resilience, tenacity, and fortitude. How do you stop bullying?

Check out Beacon 109’s STEP team YouTube video:

For more information on services at Goodwill’s Beacon 109 program, please contact (718) 776-0183 or

Beacon 109 Location:

213-10 92nd Avenue, Queens, NY 11428

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