This weekend, our GoodGuides/Team Noah AAU (amateur athletic union) basketball team traveled to Albany, NY to participate in the Adidas® AAU Elite Championship Series. The members of Goodwill NY-NJ’s

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GoodGuides Youth Mentoring program played in the high school varsity division

The GoodGuides team played and won four games. They went on to play in the championship game against the Troy, NY’s high school team.   Our team won the GOLD with a score of 80-53!

All members of the team include GoodGuides mentees. The players are Travis McIntrye, a senior of East New York Academy HS; Brandon Grayson and Lykeem Bethea, sophomores at Hempstead HS; Roy Isaac, a junior at Freeport HS; Rollin Bell, a sophomore at Freeport HS; Dante Lowers, a sophomore at Hempstead HS; Isaiah Jackson, a junior at Thomas Jefferson HS; Reggie Nash, a sophomore at Freeport HS, and Rajah Mayo, JR., a sophomore at Freeport HS.
The head coach is Anthony O. Whittaker, Goodwill’s GoodGuides Program Director, and GoodGuides Mentor Rajah Mayo, Sr. is assistant coach.

GoodGuides™, Goodwill NY-NJ’s Youth Mentoring program, is part of a national mentoring program that helps 12-17 year-old youth finish school and transition into productive careers through the guidance of trusted adults.

GoodGuides™ seeks to help teens avoid school failure, juvenile delinquency, family violence and other challenges.

If you would like to mentor youth in your community or know of teens who could benefit from the GoodGuides services, please call (718) 777-6441 or email

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