Goodwill NY-NJ and Village Playback Theater have been awarded a National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) grant to support a series of interactive performances designed to decrease the stigma related to mental illness and educate the public in Queens, NY.

Based on fear, misunderstanding or a lack of information about mental illness, stigma may cause people to delay treatment or to experience discrimination in employment, housing and other areas of their lives.

Under the guidance of professional actors from Village Playback Theatre, selected members of Goodwill’s Citiview Connections Clubhouse, a center for adults with psychiatric disabilities, will train and perform with the VPT actors throughout this project.

Performances will be provided to adults with mental illness in shelters, residences, and treatment programs culminating in shows for the general public in May, Mental Health Awareness month 2016.

The prestigious award is part of the NEA’s second major grant announcement for the 2015 fiscal year.

For information on the services Goodwill NY-NJ provides for individuals with mental illness at Citiview or to request a performance at your center, please contact Russ Roten Clubhouse Director at or (718) 361-7030.

Citiview Connection Clubhouse:

33-24 Northern Boulevard 3rd Floor

P: (718) 361-7030

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