GoodTemps-logo-300This past Tuesday, April 7, GoodTemps, our temporary staffing agency, celebrated the beginning of its operations nineteen years ago.

GoodTemps provides short- and long-term employment opportunities throughout the five boroughs of New York City, Long Island, Westchester and Northern New Jersey. It offers employers the largest pool of qualified talent in the industry. GoodTemps is also a significant source of jobs for persons with disabilities, seniors and those with barriers to employment.

Here are some of the accomplishments of Goodwill NY-NJ’s temporary staffing agency:

  • It sends over 800 individuals to work every day
  • GoodTemp participants had earned over a Quarter Billion Dollars in wages
  • It is the largest supplier of temporary staff to the City of New York
  • It has never received a negative comment on Performance Evaluation from NYC vendors
  • It is the largest Alternative Staffing Agency in the World

GoodTemps finds employment for individuals like Lourdes Santiago, who was recognized in 2014 by The New York State Industries for the Disabled, as outstanding performance awardee for her clerical work in a contract.

Lourdes Santiago was diagnosed with severe hearing impairment when she was born and her impairment became more pronounced through her adolescence and adulthood. Today, she can only hear when using a hearing aid.

She struggled in school, but never gave up, even when she was laid off from a job. Instead, she bounced back and went to GoodTemps.

In 2012, GoodTemps placed her in a clerical position with the New York City Human Services Administration, where she remains to this day as a valued employee.

Lourdes is also involved in her community.   She has worked with the Dress for Success Program, where, she advised disadvantaged job seekers on what clothes they should choose for job searches and interviews. She has also volunteered at the New York University Langone Medical Center as an office assistant helping the doctors, nurses, staff and patients with administrative and clerical duties.

Her supervisor at HRA said “Lourdes is detail oriented, careful and very reliable.   She makes sure the job is done right the first time so there is no need to correct mistakes.   She also goes the extra mile when necessary to get the best results possible.”

If you would like to join GoodTemps, please submit your resume via:


Fax: (212) 986-3008

Website: and Become a GoodTemp by pressing the “green button, then follow instructions to submit your resume there.

All resumes must include an email address.

Resumes may also be submitted in person Monday-Friday, 9am-11am and 1pm-3pm. Please bring a photo ID, Social Security card, and resume, if applying in person. You may be interviewed or tested on your computer skills (if applicable). Please dress in business attire.

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