cartoon woman cleaning a windowWell, depending on your point of view the good news is: Anytime! No matter what you call it, spring cleaning, tidying up, purging, the result is the same: A chance to get your home a fresh start for a warmer season.

And you know what? If you donate to Goodwill NY-NJ those clothing items and household goods you no longer need, use nor want, you give people with disabilities or barriers to employment a chance for a fresh new start at a job.

Check out Irene Plagianos’ “Freshen Up Your Apartment With These Expert Spring Cleaning Tips” DNAinfo article.

Our only suggestion is that when you purge, don’t throw away your cast offs! Give them a second life by donating to Goodwill and helping keep unwanted items off our local landfills. This includes books, CDs, and anything else you clear off your closets, garage and attics.

In her article, Plagianos notes that “Experts said that’s its often not easy for people to throw things out, or give them away, but, ultimately, the process of purging and organizing helps you ‘live with more clarity,’ Organizer Jeni Aron said.”

“Marie Kondo has this question ‘Does this spark joy’,” Aron said “It’s her way of asking what I think is what a lot of professional organizers believe — you should only have things that surround you that really make you happy — everything that takes up space in your small apartment should have a reason for being there.”

If you need inspiration to start your spring cleaning, learn more about Marie Kondo’s philosophy in Jennifer Maloney’s Wall Street Journal book review.

Your purchases support the mission of Goodwill. To get the latest fashion trends and tips and learn about our upcoming promotions, please read our thrift fashion blog A Good Look

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