Goodwill’s Beacon 109 program in Queens invited Dr. John L. Scott to discuss his experience as Civil Rights activist to mark February, National Black History month. The Civil Rights activist was involved with Dr. Martin Luther King.

Dr. Scott has served as Adopt-A-Block Program with the New York City Police Department and as Co-Chairperson for the Coalition on Community Policing (CCOP) for the Upper West Side of Manhattan. He was cited by the White House as an example of clergy and police working together.  Additionally, Dr. Scott chaired the West Harlem Coalition through the Wilson Major Morris Community Center that sponsored 5 nutrition centers, a Youth Employment Training Program (Y.E.T.P) and the interim lease program through the Housing Preservation Development (H.P.D.).

He wrote a memoir “Civil Rights: VOICE for the Oppressed, The Story of Dr. John L. Scott.”

During his presentation, Dr. Scott described life for African American individuals during segregation and the hard times he experienced as a young Black man. He talked about using restrooms that were not clean and being disrespected. Listening to a speaker at his school, motivated him to become someone important in life. From that moment on, he worked hard to make good grades and get a good education. This was hard since he had to help his father with the work in the farm, which sometimes would not allow him to attend school.

Dr. Scott later attended college and secured a position with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and helped to organize the Freedom Riders. He also was influential in helping the Civil Rights Movement in New York while working with Wyatt T. Walker, Al Sharpton and Calvin Butts.

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