This Friday, February 13, our Goodwill (Goodwill Industries of Greater NY and Northern NJ) will celebrate its 100th anniversary.

View a video of the people who work at Goodwill to serve the community here.

Goodwill was founded in Brooklyn in 1915 by two clergymen to help persons with disabilities and disadvantages achieve self-sufficiency. Instead of receiving charity, people in need earned a living collecting and selling donated clothes and household goods. This is how our retail stores were born.


Goodwill’s beginnings in Brooklyn were such a success that the nationwide movement got its name from New York. Today, Goodwill Industries International, the national organization, comprises 165 Goodwill agencies in the U.S. and Canada and fourteen organizations affiliated with Goodwill in thirteen other countries.

The NY-NJ Goodwill is one of New York City’s largest nonprofit providers of training, jobs, and employment services for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment. We place 7,000 individuals in competitive jobs every year. New York-New Jersey Goodwill touches the lives of 78,000 persons annually. Besides offering vocational and job placement services for persons with disabilities, immigrants, U.S. veterans, and people moving from welfare to work, we provide free afterschool and mentoring programs to help keep youth on track and to a brighter future.

a274afcc112015c906e49cabf9ef5d38To mark this occasion, starting this Friday, the actual birthday of our Goodwill, with a purchase of $25+  customers will receive a commemorative “Goodwill Centennial” tote bag. The bags will be available starting in our NYC stores and will continue the giveaway next week in our other retail locations.

We’ll start distributing the tote bags in the New York City Goodwill stores this Friday and will continue distributing in the stores in all our regions, which include: Long Island, Northern NJ, the Hudson Valley, and the Capital region of NY.

Find out when your nearest Goodwill store will distribute the “Goodwill Centennial” tote bags on our Facebook page or email us here to inquire.

Your purchases support the mission of Goodwill. To get the latest fashion trends and tips and learn about our upcoming promotions, please read our thrift fashion blog A Good Look

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