Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to get a new job, start volunteering more or to experience a new profession? Here is a list of our current openings. Click on the job title for more information and to apply.

Human Resources Recruiter  (Full Time)
Human Resources Recruiter  (Full Time)
Internal Auditor – Astoria, NY (Full Time)
Internship Application (Temporary)
Maintenance Mechanic (Full Time)

Human Services
Community Organizer/Housing Specialist (Full Time)
Job Coach – SEMP (Full Time)
Job Developer – GoodSkills (Full Time)
Job Developer – SEMP (Full Time)
Medicaid Service Coordinator (Full Time)
Peer Advocate (Part Time)
Quality Assurance Specialist (Full Time)
Recovery Counselor (Full Time)
Rehabilitation Generalist (Full Time)
Rehabilitation Technician (Part Time)
Rehabilitation Technician – Long Island, NY (Part Time)

Workforce Development
Account Manager – B2W (Full Time)
Attendance Tracker – B2W (Full Time)
Case Manager – Special Populations (B2W) (Full Time)
Intake Specialist – Bilingual/Russian (Full Time)
Job Developer – Bronx, NY (Full Time)
Literacy Instructor – B2W (Full Time)
Retention Specialist (B2W) (Full Time)

Youth Services
Activity Specialist – Youth Services (Part Time)
Activity Specialist/Cheerleading Coach – Youth Services (Part Time)
Algebra Teacher – Youth Services (Part Time)
Counselor/Case Manager (Part Time)
Educational Specialist  (Part Time)
Field Coordinator – Youth Services (Full Time)
Group Leader – Youth Services (Part Time)
Outreach Worker – Youth Services (Part Time)
Sports Coordinator – Youth Services (Part Time)

For a full list of available positions, more information and to apply, visit our career portal at


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