Before getting into the Holidays mood, participants from our Youth Services and Community Development programs spent time bringing awareness of the importance of Afterschool programs and having fun in a Halloween party.

Are you looking for a career change? If you are into music and would like to become a DJ, check out our next post (Tuesday, 11/18) We’ll tell you where and when to register for this free course at Goodwill’s Beacon 149 in Jackson Heights, Queens.

New York City Council member Costa Constantinides, District 22 (Queens) visited Goodwill’s Beacon 141 program in Astoria to listen to middle school students read essays written about the importance of afterschool programs.

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37-11 21st Avenue, Astoria, NY 11105
P: 718-777-9200

Students from Beacon 109 Program designed posters to mark breast cancer awareness month and Lights On Afterschool. Then they marched around the school.

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213-10 92nd Avenue; Queens Village, NY 11428
P: (718) 776-0183

Students from Goodwill’s Compass program at PS 157 Afterscool program recycled milk jugs and decorated them to turn them into lanterns that they displayed at the school entrance. Each student also designed a Lights On Afterschool glow bracelet. They wrote on them their favorite memory or wish for the program.

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Kids dressed up, had delicious snacks, and participated in Halloween-themed games.

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Compass Program PS 157
850 Kent Ave, Brooklyn NY
P: (347) 421-1381

AfterSchool Conservation Club (ASCC): Environmental education program

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Kids ages 8-11 are exposed to the wonder of nature. Many lessons take place outdoors. For instance, they took part in an outdoor scavenger hunt and collected elements from nature to make “leaf art” after reading the book Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert. They also dissected owl pellets to classify bones with their skeleton guide. Owls swallow their prey whole, but are unable to digest bones, hair and fur. The NY native owls regurgitate this in the form of small pellets.

The After-School Conservation Club is an environmental education program offered to afterschool programs serving elementary school students. Created by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC), the curriculum is composed of 7 units and each unit is composed of 2 hours of hands-on lessons plus 30 minutes of journaling.

Students participate in Lego Engineering and yoga. In a DIY art project, 4th/5th graders turned donated cigar boxes into memory boxes. Using craft supplies, they personalized each box with photos they brought from home.

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After School Conservation Club program visit Goodwill’s Compass Program PS 40

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Students participated in an “Alien Invaders” science activity. The group lectured on invasive and non-invasive species in the environment and demonstrated it with a science activity. Through a chemical experiment involving milk and soap to symbolize the invaders, and  green and yellow food coloring to symbolize plants and animals. The ASCC Program will return to Goodwill program at PS 40 on Monday, November 24th and Wednesday November 26th.

Compass Program at PS 40
109-20 Union Hall Street; Jamaica, NY 11433

P: (718) 523-0801


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