Have you noticed that most runners at the New York City Marathon are wearing light clothing at the finish line? Shorts and t-shirts are the clothing of choice. But if the weather we had this Sunday is any indication – cold and high winds – you probably wondered, “How can they stand the early morning cold?”

Considering that the more than 50,000 runners must stand in place for at least two hours at the starting line in Staten Island before the race, they must keep warm somehow. And you are right. Athletes wear multi layers to withstand the frigid morning temperatures. As they warm up before the race, they start peeling off all or some layers depending on how they feel. But at some point, they will get rid of all the excess clothing at some City street.

For the past four years, Goodwill NY-NJ has partnered with the New York City Department of Sanitation and the NY Road Runners, the organization that coordinates the annual event, to pick up the athletes’ cast-offs at the starting line or along the marathon’s route.

This Sunday, November 3, we collected 200 thousand pounds of clothing, up from 65 thousand last year. The clothing from world-wide athletes will be sold at our Goodwill stores. Proceeds from sales, like the income from anything we sell there, will fund employment support services for U.S. veterans, people with all types of disabilities, dislocated and mature workers, families on welfare, immigrant and refugees, and anybody who comes to Goodwill to receive training or help to find work.

Close to 200 volunteers join Goodwill staff to help collect the clothing.

Check out some pictures of Goodwill at the various Marathon events


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