Throughout the month of October, Goodwill NY-NJ is proud to stand with the U.S. Department of Labor to support National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM). This annual national campaign raises awareness about the contributions people with disabilities make in America’s workforce, and it encourages companies and organizations to build business cultures that value diversity, respect and employment opportunities for all.

Last year Goodwill NY-NJ employed 1,960 people with disabilities in its industries.

For nearly a century, Goodwill NY-NJ has helped individuals navigate challenges to finding employment. We are proud to have helped thousands of local residents find and keep good jobs. These are people like Lourdes Santiago, who was born with severe hearing impairment, which continue to advance as she became an adult and today she can only hear with a hearing aid. In spite the curriculum for individuals with disabilities provided at Lowell High School, Lourdes had a hard time keeping up with her classmates and was diagnosed to have a learning disability. Due to deafness, she had to learn how to speak and later took intensive speech therapy classes to improve her speaking ability. After being turned down for jobs many times, she never gave up. She registered with GoodTemps, Goodwill’s temporary staffing agency, and was referred to the NYC Human Resources Administration for a clerical position.

Lourdes at computerHer supervisor Darcy Reeder at HRA said “Lourdes is detail oriented, careful and very reliable. She makes sure the job is done right the first time so there is no need to correct mistakes. She also goes the extra mile when necessary to get the best results possible.”

Lourdes was named one of New York State Industries for the Disabled Joslin awardees 2014 for her drive to enhance her life with work despite disabilities.

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