Did you know that when you donate your unwanted clothing, household goods and electronics to Goodwill or any thrift store you join a very special club? The Earth’s Fan club! No, there’s no fee to join, nor will you get a photo id. But you’ll get your very special badge of honor. You can feel proud for helping conserve the environment. How, you ask? Read on to find out.

Lorena Fortuna and Vasil Diyamandoglu, PhD, with the New York City Center for Materials Reuse, conducted a study to determine just that. They wrote:

“Making donations benefits the environment, the economy as well as the social aspects of life in an urban center. Donors and new users of second-hand goods are often unaware of how they promote conservation. They help conserve water, energy, and the raw materials needed to manufacture the same product from scratch, and they contribute in saving valuable space in landfills.

They help create work opportunities in the “green jobs” sector by sparking new jobs in the logistics of handling and redistributing donations. Therefore, contributing favorably to the local and regional employment. Finally, the economic development created by these activities improves the social fabric of the communities that receive services from the nonprofit organization. The long term favorable contribution of the reuse through collection and redistribution of products at every level is in the area of climate change.   It is hard to find an activity that has so many diverse benefits. Product reuse has the potential to improve life in all aspects of it and should be supported at every level.”

To learn more about this study, please visit the NYC Center Reuse website, www.nyccmr.org under “Data Management Project”.

Have you ever re-used your unwanted goods? Please tell us about it in the comment section below.

And remember to request your tax receipt when you donate to Goodwill.

Please use our donation impact calculator to find out the impact of your donations at http://www.goodwillnynj.org/donate-goods

Your purchases support the mission of Goodwill. To get the latest fashion trends and tips and learn about our upcoming promotions, please read our thrift fashion blog A Good Look

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