Do you remember growing up and wishing that you’d had an older brother or sister who could guide you in the right direction. Did you have questions you didn’t want to ask mom or dad and wish you had an older friend who could advise you? Or did you ever have a mentor? You know how helpful that can be to a young person seeking a role model.

Our Cornerstone program in Brooklyn is seeking adults 18-year or older who want to be a mentor to kids ages 8-12. Potential mentors are required to pass a criminal background check. Mentors and mentees meet twice weekly on Wednesdays and Fridays from 6 to 8 p.m.

Staff has created an itinerary of activities, including sports and learning about proper behavior and etiquette. We encourage mentors to share with mentees about their careers, education, hobbies, and job readiness skills.

In addition, mentors may suggest other topics of interest that encourage leadership, brotherhood/sisterhood and responsibility.

All Mentors who undergo the application process and clear the background check will be notified of the upcoming training sessions in April and May.

For information, please contact Coordinator Antoinette Grannum at (718) 852-6318

Goodwill Farragut Cornerstone Community Center
228 York Street; Brooklyn, NY.

Note: Due to last minute post-production details, we’ll have to postpone until Tuesday the post to introduced you Daheem the individual who attends Goodwill’s prevocational Services – Project Discovery.

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