Last night, I met a couple at a subway platform on my way home. We continued talking when our train pulled in the station. We all were going to Manhattan. We exchanged the typical conversation: “Where do you live?” “How many bedrooms?” “Is it rent-stabilized?” Then they asked where I worked. “Goodwill,” I said. I mentioned my current deadline: the e-newsletter that we send every other month to tell our supporters of news and events and how our programs served the community.

Somehow they misunderstood, perhaps the train rattled too much while we rode under the East River. They thought I meant Goodwill struggled to get donations on time.

“That shouldn’t be hard,” one commented. Everyone knows what Goodwill does and it’s a good cause after all!”

Daheem Fixing Shoe DisplayI clarified my point and agreed with them. It’s easy to convey the importance of supporting Goodwill, especially when I had just met Daheem an individual with multiple disabilities who was working for the first time. Yes, it is hard for many to understand how a person with intellectual disabilities can work and be as independent as possible.

Daheem is our newest success story and can’t wait to tell you more about this man who now is contributing to society. As a matter of fact, we are filming him as we speak, so don’t miss this Thursday’s post to meet him and hear him speak.

Until Thursday!

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