So we are in the second half of February and hopefully we are still keeping our New Year’s resolutions, you know, eating healthier, exercising more, volunteering at your local nonprofit, learning a new skill. But how about sprucing up your resume, preparing for a job interview, looking for a new job, or just finding work if you are unemployed? Goodwill can help you with these goals!

Last year, Goodwill inaugurated Jobs-Plus, a program that helps find work for residents of the Clason Point, Sack Wern and Monroe New York City Housing Authority developments. However, the program offers some services, such as tax preparation, to the general community.

Since beginning operations last April, Jobs-Plus has enrolled 442 members and helped find work for 129. Obviously, the need to find job is big in our area. Nearly 1,000 job-seekers have come through its doors looking for help. Those who don’t qualify or have other needs are referred to partner organizations.

New Jobs-Plus members learn of all the services available to them during an orientation. The program offers help with job applications, interview preparation and professional appearance. It offers referrals for training and certification in fields such as construction, food service and security.

Initially, Jobs-Plus members meet with a life coach to figure out their goals. After employment readiness, members receive financial counseling to ensure they make the best choices: saving money and learning how to budget expenses.

To help job-seekers stay connected with the Goodwill program and to learn of new job openings and other events, Jobs-Plus follow them on Facebook.

Read the full Bronx Times article.

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