#IWILLLISTENLast December, NAMI-NYC‘s annual Seeds of Hope gala pledged to match a third of all donations to NAMI-NYC’s anti-stigma campaign #IWillListen up to $100,000. So far NAMI-NYC has raised $250,000, but it needs help to raise an additional $50,000 by February 2nd.

You can still help! If an additional $300,000 is raised before the final whistle on Super Bowl Sunday, NAMI-NYC Metro will receive a $100,000 grant to support #IWillListen, and take the campaign to the next level.

#IWillListen is an anti-stigma campaign which transforms popular social networks into communities of support. It challenges negative stereotypes which keep many from seeking treatment by encouraging the public to make videos, Facebook posts, and Tweets pledging to listen to and support those affected by mental illness. #IWillListen videos can be uploaded to and viewed at the NAMI-NYC Metro Facebook page.

Goodwill NY-NJ asks that you contribute to the #IWillListen campaign because we offer Behavioral Health Services in six locations in Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx for individuals with mental illness and psychiatric disabilities. Our clubhouses in Long Island City and Brooklyn offer a safe space where members may socialize and perform daily communal activities that help them explore possible work opportunities. Additionally, other Goodwill programs offer temporary employment services.

Success means something different for each individual with mental illness. For some, the goal is to adhere to the correct medical regimen, decrease the number of hospital stays, connect with family and community members, or find employment.

But none of this is possible if the stigma of mental illness continues to exist. Let’s help some of these, your neighbors, to move on with their lives and re-join the community.

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