Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to get a new job, start volunteering more or to experience a new profession? Here is a list of our current openings. Click on the job title for more information and to apply.

Internal Auditor (Full Time)
Network Technician (Full Time)
Payroll Assistant (Temporary with possibility to become permanent)
General Administration Application

Human Services
Employment Support Counselor (Full Time)
Job Coach – NYC (Full Time)
Job Developer – SEMP (Full Time)
Medicaid Service Coordinator (Full Time)
Peer Advocate (Part Time)
Recruiter/Instructor (Full Time)
Rehabilitation Technician (Part Time)
Vocational Case Manager (Full Time)
General Human Services Application
Internship Application (Temporary)

Assistant Store Manager – Centereach (Full Time)
Assistant Store Manager – Manhattan (Full Time)
Book Researcher – Harrison, NJ (Part Time)
Cashier – Amsterdam, NY (Part Time)
Cashier – Binghamton/Broome County (Full Time)
Cashier – Colonie, NY (Part Time)
Cashier – New York City (Part Time)
Cashier – Troy, NY (Part Time)
Cashier – Wappinger’s Falls, NY (Part Time)
Donation Attendant – Bedford Hills ADC , NY (Part Time)
Level 1 Store Associate – Northern New Jersey (Part Time)
Online Lister – Shopgoodwill (Part Time)
Production Worker (Full Time)
Store Associate – Binghamton/Broome County (Part Time)
Store Associate – East Northport, NY (Part Time)
Store Associate – New York City (Part Time)
Store Manager – Bellmore, Long Island (Full Time)
Store Manager – Nanuet (Full Time)
Third Key – Bellmore/Northport/Centereach (Full Time)
Third Key/Keyholder – Bronx (Full Time)
Third Key/Keyholder – Colonie, NY (Full Time)
Third Key/Keyholder – Passaic County, New Jersey (Full Time)
Third Key/Keyholder – Troy, NY (Full Time)
General Retail Application (Full Time)

Workforce Development
Attendance Tracker – B2W (Full Time)
Case Manager – B2W (Full Time)
Immigrant Specialist (Part Time)
Instructor – B2W (Full Time)
Intake Specialist – B2W (Full Time)
Job Developer – B2W (Full Time)
Job Developer – Bronx (Full Time)
Job Developer – Harrison, NJ (Full Time)
Job Developer (DHOH) – Harrison, NJ (Part Time)

Youth Services
Academic Advisor (Part Time)
Activity Specialist/Beacon 265 (Part Time)
Educational Specialist (Part Time)
Group Leader – Youth Services (Part Time)
Program Director (Full Time)
SAT Instructor (Part Time)
Security Guard (Part Time)
Tutor – Youth Services (Part Time)
Youth Volunteer (Part Time)
General Youth Services Application (Full Time)

Internship & Volunteer Opportunities
Back2Work Program
• Clerical/Office Aspect
• Case Management
• Resource Management
• Computer (Microsoft Office)
• Learn how to Audit Company files
• Network/Community planning
• Learn Intake process and company procedures
• Improve or get Customer Service Experience

To apply for this internship send your resume to or call Luis Aucapina, Resource Manager at (347) 401-4315.

GoodGuides is a national mentoring program for youth between the ages of 12 and 17 who are at risk for making harmful choices such as dropping out of school or joining a gang. These youth may also be at risk for delinquency. The goal of the GoodGuides program is to help youth build career plans and skills, and prepare for school completion, post-secondary training, and productive work.

Just one hour a week is all it takes to change a life forever!

Mentoring is one of the most important things you can do for today’s youth. Through your guidance and support, you can empower teens to make positive decisions. You can help them stay in school, excel in their classes, or make plans for their future careers.

As a GoodGuides mentor, you will:

• Offer encouragement and guidance to youth in your community.
• Help prepare youth for good jobs and careers.
• Contribute to the well-being and capabilities of youth.
• Make a difference in the lives of others.

For more information on how you can become a mentor, call (718) 777-6440.

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