Dear friends, the clock is ticking. We have less than 24 hours left before 2014 arrives.  That means there is still time for you to make a tax-deductible donation to Goodwill NY-NJ before the New Year.  Don’t miss this important deadline.  Please make a donation now and support the services that help fellow community residents in need.
Or please rush to any of our Goodwill stores and donate your unwanted clothing and household goods. Tax receipts are available upon request.
Thanks to your financial and in-kind support, we served more than 81 thousand people last year and we hoped to serve even more in the coming year!
People like Rocio, a single woman who came to our Beyond Jobs program in Queens. She was referred as an intern to another of our locations, the Back to Work program, which helps individuals who are applying or receiving welfare. Back to Work helps them get back on their feet and into the workforce. Soon after, Rocio was hired to work there. Back to Work helps decrease the burden on tax payers because it helps people move out of the public system and into a financially independent life.
Your support also helped more than 10 thousand children and youth stay in school and lead them to a brighter future thanks to our GoodGuides Youth mentoring program and after-school and community programs.
GoodGuidesYou also helped reduce the number of persons with disabilities who are unemployed by helping us provide training and employment services for people with all kinds of disabilities. Last year, 80% of people with disabilities had no job!
Thanks to your support, we could help Andrew find a job at the Port Authority of NY-NJ.
Thank you for supporting the mission of Goodwill NY-NJ of empowering individuals to gain independence through the power of work. We look forward to continue helping children and youth, unskilled and mature workers, recent immigrants and refugees, persons with disabilities, welfare applicants and recipients, U.S. veterans, and other individuals with barriers to employment.
We are grateful and wish you a happy and prosperous 2014!

Your purchases support the mission of Goodwill. To get the latest fashion trends and tips and learn about our upcoming promotions, please read our thrift fashion blog A Good Look

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