On Monday, December 9, GoodTemps, the temporary staffing agency of Goodwill NY-NJ registered its 88,000 job seeker.

GoodTemps provides short- and long-term employment opportunities throughout the five boroughs of New York City, Long Island, Westchester and Northern New Jersey. It offers employers the largest pool of qualified talent in the industry. GoodTemps is also a significant source of jobs for persons with disabilities, seniors and those with barriers to employment.

NYSID Award GroupGoodTemps finds employment for individuals like Curt Thompson, who was recognized as the 2012 Employee of the Year for the New York Industries for the Disabled.

Curt managed his own cleaning business when he was diagnosed with Leukemia in 1998. He had to stop working to receive medical treatment and took pain killers to stand the unbearable pain. The side effects prevented him from working. Mr. Thompson thought life as he knew it was over.

But he did not give up and kept seeking the right job in his new circumstances.

In spite of constant pain, he sent out his résumé to hundreds of companies, registered with many staffing firms and applied through online listings. Few companies called back due to the lack of job openings in 2008 and 2009. Those who called asked about the gap in his employment history; he explained his Leukemia diagnosis. The few interviews he had did not result in job offers. He was still too ill to actively look for work so Mr. Thompson had to apply for public assistance with the NYC Human Resources Administration (HRA) just to get by.

HRA referred him to ACCES-VR for employment counseling. The agency in turn sent him to New York University’s Rusk Institute, which suggested that Mr. Thompson register with GoodTemps in December 2009. Within a few days, Wendel Bradshaw, GoodTemps Placement Support Specialist, called him for a Computer Operator assignment for which he was very well qualified. Mr. Thompson has experience as a Network Administrator and studied networking at the New Horizons Computer Learning Center where he earned Comp TIA and A+ certifications.

In August 2010, GoodTemps Director of Placement Mark Dixon called Mr. Thompson to recommend a position with the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE.) As First Line Supervisor, he helps parents to apply and register their children for the discounted lunch program. Mr. Thompson is passionate about working with people and computers; he was thrilled this position required both. He was especially excited about returning to work. Within a few days, he interviewed at the NYCDOE and was hired in September 2010. He continues to serve an integral role as a supervisor in this function. “Curt is a great worker and a good team player,” notes his supervisor.

For information on how to find a temporary position through GoodTemps, visit www.goodtemps.org

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