On Monday, December 9, nine students from P35m High School in Manhattan went to our Chelsea boutique to find professional outfits. The students, who are repeating 9th grade, are taking part in a Career Readiness project. The high-schoolers will wear the outfits during their final assessment: mock interviews with school administrators.

Fashion bloggers Shaunya and Nicole, who are bi-weekly contributors for this blog on Mondays, served as personal shoppers and mentors. Shaunya shared with the students that she joined the workforce as a teenager, just as young as them.

“To be invited to come to Goodwill, students had to complete the job interview project that involved learning how to dress, interact, and communicate during a job interview,” noted Martin Kitto, their English teacher.

student styling session

Manhattan High School is a standardized assessment high school within District 75. District 75 is the special education school district for New York City which serves students whose needs cannot be met in a community school. Manhattan High School serves students with emotional disturbance who take the same district and state wide assessments as general education students. Manhattan High School is therefore designed to be as close to a general educational environment as possible. Students have a blocked schedule and take the same subjects as students in a general educational setting. Class sizes are smaller in order to accommodate student’s needs and each student is provided with therapeutic counseling services.

To see photos from the students styling session, see our photo album here.

For more information about the P35m Manhattan High School, please call (212) 247-4307. The school is located at 317 West 52nd Street.


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