Are You Looking for a Job?

Check out these two resources:

As we announced here last week, we officially inaugurated the Career Counseling and Learning Center with an open-house this past Wednesday. We had fun providing information to guests about the new service at our Harrison, NJ headquarters!


For more information about the CCLC or to register to receive services, contact
(973) 481-2300 or 

Goodwill’s Career Counseling and Learning Center
400 Supor Blvd., 2nd Floor; Harrison, NJ 07029
Hours of operation: Monday 9AM – 3PM; Wednesday 2PM – 7PM;
and Friday 11AM – 3PM.

Also, you may check out an article that provides information on how to approach career planning, tips and resources to help you further develop your career. 

Dr. Venable

Dr. Melissa Venable

The article was submitted by Karla Gonzalez, a student researcher working as a contributor for She became familiar with Where the Goodwill Goes after reading a post while helping with the research for this article. 

Karla says “This piece was written by our education expert, Dr. Melissa Venable.


And remember, when you donate to Goodwill or shop at our Goodwill stores, you contribute to help your community!


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