On Wednesday, October 16, GoodTemps, our temporary staffing agency, hosted three mentees for the day in its Manhattan offices, located in The Lighthouse Building.

Every third Wednesday of October, Disability Mentoring Day (DMD) pairs nation-wide job-seekers and students with disabilities with mentors in their field of interest. In New York City, the annual event is organized by the Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities.

The mentees who came to GoodTemps were up for a treat! They had the opportunity to rotate among the different departments: accounting, intake, recruiting, placement, and vocational rehabilitation. So instead of having just one mentor, they met with staff from the whole agency, giving them a full outlook of the possible areas they could work.

Disability Mentoring Day is one of the highlights of October, National Disability Employment Awareness Month.

On Disability Mentoring Day, people with disabilities across America spend a day finding out first-hand the skills and education needed to succeed in the workplace. At the same time, employers gain increased appreciation of the talent represented by people with disabilities and a better understanding of how workers with disabilities can help them in meeting their workplace needs.

View pictures of GoodTemps DMD here.

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