Earlier this summer, on June 28th, Goodwill Personalized Recovery Oriented Services – PROS —  Rebound program sponsored an all day event celebrating and promoting health and wellness.  Staff, participants and guest speakers all helped make our Wellness Day a success,  sharing information , and collaborating in health focused activities.

The day focused on participants becoming better informed about maintaining wellness in their everyday lives. There were  resources on healthy decision making and acquiring necessary resources to individually assist them at information booths set up on our terrace.  Group activities led by staff and guests offered hands on experiences to give examples of methods to have a healthier life.

Some of the guests who provided meaningful and useful advice, and some who led activities were: Sylvia Mousourou – a yoga instructor from Anthea Wellness Center; Tido – A rep from Elmhurst Hospital discussing Smoking Cessation,  PAL program speakers , who shared  personal recovery stories;  Lisa Eskenazi – the owner of Simply Fit Astoria who led Zumba and Piloxing classes, Gina Porras of Community Health Care Network who spoke about health related resources; Mary Grace Webb – a Clinical Nutritionist who discussed healthy and effective diet plans; and various art, dance, gardening and music groups provided by our own PROS Rebound Staff.

We thank all involved in this year’s Wellness Day, and look forward to continuing to share and celebrate health in productive and creative ways!


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