Welcome to summer! With summer comes celebration, and we made sure the kids in our Family Learning Center got in on the fun.


Our kids celebrate summer and their academic achievements with a big pot luck celebration, welcoming summer with food, fun, friends and family at Goodwill’s Family Learning Center!

Since 2011, GoodGuides Youth Mentoring and Family Learning Center Program Director Anthony O. Whittaker has orchestrated a fantastic summer kick-off event: the Annual End of School Awards Dinner.

The event began two years ago for Goodwill’s after-school kids in the New Mountain After-School Academy located in the Family Learning Center (FLC) just above the Executive Offices in Goodwill’s Astoria Headquarters. Each year, led by Anthony, we invite parents, family and friends to join us in a “pot luck”as an culminating event for the end of school for our participants.

Along with food and fun, we give out awards and recognize the accomplishments of our participants and staff. We are lucky to be surrounded by diligence, dedication and success – coming from individuals of all ages – here at Goodwill.

Thank you to all who attended, and to all of you out there whose donations and purchases keep the Family Learning Center alive. Our kids are grateful for you, and we are too! Happy Summer all!

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