Today’s post spotlights our Attendance Improvement Dropout Prevention (AIDP) Program in the Bronx, a GoodwillNyNj program that  helps local 9th graders with a poor attendance history to successfully prepare to enter high school.

Located at the Bronx Academy of Health Careers, the program’s focus on academic success ensures that students gain the minimum number of credits to attend high school. Extended learning time opportunities and other incentives are offered. Staff develops educational plans and offers counseling sessions for each student. Home visits are an integral part of the program.

AIDP’s Family Coordinator Ivan Croft shares the latest success story to come from the program:

An AIDP success - we are so proud of you!

An AIDP success – Angel, we are so proud of you!

Family Visit

by Ivan Croft, AIDP-Bronx Family Coordinator

Many times in the social service industry success stories are lost to number collection and numerical goals. Although, we have to ascribe to the importance of these number goals, there are some success stories that only a narrative can inform and illustrate. These stories always bring home why we do this all important work. Our story in the AIDP-Bronx captures this.

On a recent home visit, we had the opportunity to experience a family’s success and glimpse the impact of our program. This impact can be the impetus for continual support to future successes.

Angel, an AIDP student in this year’s program has a medical condition which was brought to our attention by the Principal. This medical condition has affected the student’s school work and attendance.

The AIDP program works collaboratively with the school to provide comprehensive services. Therefore it was incumbent for us as a team to support this student and his family to insure that he receives the proper medical treatment.

Historically, the AIDP program has provided extensive support services and ongoing dialogue with our families. Through informal home visits we are able to address various issues and concerns that our AIDP families may be experiencing.

During this visit we were able to meet with the student’s nuclear family as well as his extended family. The dynamics of the extended family being present at the visit created a unique environment to move Angel towards success.

During the visit each family member shared how their relationship with the student impacted his emotional and educational success. Some of the highlights of these examples were how the student’s aunt had been working with him daily in math. This was reflected in his math grades, as they were excellent to date.

His mother had been diligently working to get him the appropriate medical care, sharing with us the specific relevant details of what was needed to move forward with his care.

As to both his grandparents who were also present in the visit, they expressed their unconditional love that radiated throughout the room. This expression of love we can see completes the circle of total care with its implications of emotional support.

Because of the safe environment that was created throughout the visit by the director, this family shared willingly and displayed an acceptance of being a partner with us in Angel’s academic/attendance goals.

This year we sponsored a competition for the creation of new AIDP logo. After some consideration we chose this student’s design as the winner.  We naturally shared this news and informed the family that he had won a Nook Reader as the prize. Again, this brought much pride and confidence to the family as it relates to this student’s self-esteem.

We believe this experience thoroughly represents the work we do here at AIDP-Bronx. We will continue this work empowering one student, one family, one life at a time.

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