Did you see us make our Times Square debut? We were featured on Bank of America’s billboard last weekend!

Goodwill takes on NYC's Times Square!

Goodwill takes on NYC’s Times Square!

This past Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Goodwill stole the spotlight, shining our logo on Bank of America’s Times Square billboard. We made our Broadway debut thanks to our work with Bank of America on Vested in Veterans.  If you were there and lucky enough to spot the Goodwill sign, let us know in the comments here, on our Facebook or via Twitter!

Here at GoodwillNyNj, we have a special spot in our hearts for Bank of America and all the local organizations, branches and companies that helped us help others right after Hurricane Sandy. We continue to support local relief efforts following Hurricane Sandy, a super storm that affected 17 states and was responsible for more than 100 deaths.

Last Veterans Day, Sunday, November 11, the Astoria Goodwill partnered with Bank of America’s Military Support Group and the Ritz Carlton Central Park Hotel to bring much needed help in the form of goods and hot meals to those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

The Goodwill truck took as many bags of donated clothes, food and supplies from St. Thomas Moore Church as possible to sort, process and distribute. These donations were then divided between Breezy Point and the Far Rockaways.

In the first four weeks after the storm, with the help of many companies and local organizations like Bank of America, GoodwillNyNj was able to provide over $83,000 in merchandise to almost 1,700 individuals affected by the hurricane, or approximately 425 families of four.

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