Hurricane Sandy profoundly affected our communities – not only in the destruction, but also in the displays of goodwill. While we have many stories of New York and New Jersey locals coming together to help those in need (and please don’t forget our Sandy Relief Program is still going strong), we were also impressed by the outreach of aid and support from across the country.

Ramona Howland, Sr Manager of Workplace Environment, and myself rented a 10ft U-Haul and spent the afternoon collecting all of the coats from area Atlanta Marriott and Ritz-Carlton Hotels

The Atlanta Market Marriott & Ritz-Carlton’s Ramona Howland (Sr. Manager of Workplace Environment) and Heather Hogan (Human Resources Generalist) rallied their fellows, rented a U-Haul and spent the afternoon collecting coats to ship to GoodwillNyNj in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

The Atlanta Market Marriott & Ritz-Carlton hotels are one such example. The hotel employees came together to organize a ‘Giving Back to the Big Apple’ event, eventually gathering enough material to ship 12 containers – roughly 750 pounds, and approximately 400 coats – to GoodwillNyNj to help those affected by Sandy.

Participating Atlanta hotels included: The Atlanta Marriott Marquis, The Ritz-Carlton Atlanta, The Ritz-Carlton Buckhead, The Alpharetta Marriott, The Renaissance Waverly, The Renaissance Concourse, The Atlanta Airport Marriott and The Atlanta Airport Marriott Gateway.

These coats went and will continue to go to assist those still facing loss and challenges in the wake of Sandy. For an update on our Sandy Relief Program’s impact and outreach, please visit

To coordinate with GoodwillNyNj on donation projects for your company, whether specifically to aid those affected by Sandy or to aid other populations outside the economic mainstream, please email us at

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