Need a new beginning? Clean out the clutter to make way for change! In doing so, and donating, you’ll be helping us support our programs and services that help New York and New Jersey residents change their situations, improve their lives, and create a stable, meaningful presence in their communities.

Donating has never been so easy - or vital! Click here to find donation locations near you.

Donating has never been so easy – or needed! Click here to find donation locations near you and help us continue to help others in our community.

Right now, we could really use your help. We’re asking all our fans, friends, supporters, customers and donors to assist with donations for our stores. Between the winter weather and donations we diverted to hurricane relief, our inventory’s down.

We love our Sandy Relief Program. In case you don’t know, it’s the program we’ve been running since November that allows Sandy victims who lost clothing or household goods due to flooding or storm damage to “shop” in our stores for free for up to $50 per family member. You can find more information on the program as well as information on making direct monetary donations here:

To keep the Sandy Relief Program going – and, just as importantly, to keep our other programs and services going strong while its going – we need your help. Please donate.

Clothing, shoes, accessories, jewelry, linens, wares and household goods, computers, small electronics and appliances, and books, we’ll take it. Here’s a full list of accepted donations: And here’s a zip code locator to find a donation location near you:

Thank you, as always, for your support. It’s never been more obvious that we can’t do what we do without you. Be well, be warm, and keep spreading the goodwill!

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