It’s been three months since Sandy, and  we’re beyond proud of the strength and spirit we’ve seen in our NY and NJ communities.We can’t say thank you enough to those volunteers, donators and shoppers who have spent time, effort and money supporting our Sandy Relief program.

To share our appreciation and show off their great work, we made this slideshow. It only reflects a tiny sliver of the immense goodwill we’ve seen. We hope you enjoy:

If you’d like to contribute, you can either give a financial contribution online (choose the “Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund” option in the drop down menu) or simply donate your no-longer-neededs to any Goodwill (our program works those affected by the storm choose anything they think they need, not just what we imagine they want – for more details on exactly how this works, click HERE).

Every little bit helps, especially as time goes on and rebuilding continues – and that’s why we’ve opened a 50,000 square-foot warehouse and distribution center in donated space at Industry City, the 40-acre industrial center of Bush Terminal along Brooklyn’s Sunset Park waterfront.


Our new warehouse is full of donations ready to be shipped to stores and put to use in our Sandy Relief program.

To all in the process of rebuilding, please know our offer still stands: we continue to offer assistance to individuals or families impacted by Hurricane Sandy. You may go to any Goodwill store (for sites go to our store locator) and present documentation from FEMA, Red Cross or your insurance company to shop for needed items. Each individual may spend up to $50 and family members $50 each.

We would like to thank the many donors who have supported our hurricane relief efforts. Your support our programs possible.

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