It’s been over two months since the storm, but our communities are still in need of support. We’re not through helping and we know you aren’t either. If you’re looking to give back to those affected by Sandy, we’re proud to be able to help.


With your help, we’ve been able to do a lot of good – but we’re hardly done yet. Help us keep helping those affected by Sandy. Donate to Goodwill today!

Here at Goodwill Indsutries of Greater New York and Northern New Jersey, we accept donations for those affected by Sandy at all our NY and Northern NJ locations during open hours. You can find a donation location or store near you here:

We accept any donations we’d normally accept in our stores because of how our Sandy Relief program works.

To explain: Our program gives victims of Hurricane Sandy $50-per-family-member worth of goods in any of our region’s stores. It’s up to them to decide what they most need, be it cozy clothes and boots to stay warm, household items and bedding to replace what has been destroyed, or books and toys to boost spirits and keep the kids entertained.

Our Sandy “shoppers” present their FEMA, Red Cross or other insurance documents to our retail store’s staff, and can then pick out anything they want totaling up to that amount. You can read more about how that program works on our website:

In addition to our in-store Relief program, a special Relief Fund has been created for the victims. To contribute now go to the “Make a Gift” here, enter the amount, click the “Make Gift To” drop-down menu and select “Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund.”

Thank you from all of us here at GoodwillNyNj and all we’ve been able to help. Your support makes a real difference in people’s lives.

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