Goodwill works hard to turn your donations into opportunities for people who, otherwise, face strong barriers to finding employment and economic stability, whether because of disabilities, disaster or unforeseen life events.


Goodwill turns your donations into opportunities – because everyone deserves a chance at their dreams.

Last year, New York State Industry for the Disabled awarded Goodwill NY-NJ/GoodTemps NYSID’s Member Agency of the Year. We were incredibly proud of the award, but even more proud of the people we get to work with every day.

In this video, made by NYSID to celebrate the Awards, you’ll see our own Curt Thompson, awarded NYSID’s Employee of the Year 2012 accolade. He says best what we want to say to all of you: “On behalf of every disabled woman and man, the disabled, my brothers in arms, I want to say thank you, thank you, thank you.

Here’s how it works: Your donations stock our stores. The sales from our stores fund our programs. Our programs provide people with disabilities and other barriers to employment with job training and placement resources – and these programs provide opportunities that forever change lives.

Thank you for being a part of this. From Curt and all of us here at Goodwill, thank you for supporting Goodwill.

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