Goodwill is all about changing lives – designing plans to bring people’s dreams to life while connecting them with other community resources, such as child care, free tax preparation, youth mentoring, reliable transportation, shelter and financial planning in order to create stability both at home and in the workplace.

Take Darryl Humphrey for example:

This New Yorker overcame vision disability and found a career he loves, with support from Goodwill.

This New Yorker overcame vision disability and found a career he loves, with support from Goodwill.

Born with congenital cataracts and myopic pressure in both eyes, Darryl struggled to find employment, and not for lack of effort.

Finding a job was very important to me,” Darryl later told us,”because I have always been a worker.” He just needed an employer to give him a chance.

He got that chance at Goodwill, where he quickly proved himself a capable employee, wowing our team and finding success as an NYPD police administrative aide on the midnight tour.

To sum up his journey, Darryl just smiles. “I’m just blessed. I’m very happy just to be working and helping other people.

Darryl’s story is proof that a job can change a life. So is Michelle Banton‘s, Eric Mayott‘s, Mudhaffer Al-Momani‘s, and many, many more.

At Goodwill, we believe our neighbors and family members deserve every opportunity to have and keep good jobs. You can join us in our fight against unemployment in one of three ways:

  1. Donate Goods: When you donate your gently used goods, they are sold within your community. The revenue from your tax-deductible donation is used to fund job training programs and support services for people who face challenges to finding employment.

  2. Give a Gift: When you give a tax-deductible financial gift, you can choose to support a local program in your community, to support programs across the U.S. and Canada, or to support our international development for emerging Goodwill agencies throughout the world.
  3. Lend Your Voice: When you lend your voice, you can join the conversation online or help advance our advocacy priorities by contacting your local member of Congress to take action.

Give today and help write the success story of someone tomorrow. Thank you, be well and enjoy the holidays!

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