As the holiday season continues and the New Year peeks into view, we’re given a chance to both reflect on last year’s accomplishment and look ahead to all the good we’ll do next year.

If you’ve got your gaze set on doing good, whether with Goodwill or another organization, Goodwill Industries International, Inc.‘s recent post, “A Guide to Holiday Giving” by Arlene McCrehan, is just the thing for you. Here’s an excerpt we hope you’ll enjoy!


Our parent organization, GII, has the facts on what to consider while you’re giving back this holiday season.

Did You Know?
Goodwill consistently ranks among the top charities that make your donations go further. For 110 years, Goodwill has supported people in their journey to employment and independence in communities across the US and Canada.

You want your gift to make a real difference, right? When you think about giving during this holiday season, take the time to understand how your donation can have the most impact. Here are some tips to help inform your holiday giving decisions, whether your donation is money, time or gently used goods.

Know how your money will be used: Research the charities you are considering for an end-of-year financial gift, so you understand how your money will be used effectively. GuideStar, Charity Navigator and the Better Business Bureau have great resources for this.

Your financial gift to Goodwill strengthens communities and helps put people to work. (For more information on GoodwillNyNj, see our recent post, “Accountability and Goodwill: What to Know When You Give.)

Give the valuable gift of your time. Volunteering is a great way to give back to your community, and it’s something you can feel good about! Goodwills offer a variety of volunteer positions in your community, such as youth mentors, resume reviewers, practice interviews and more. Check out volunteer opportunities with Goodwill and other organizations through Volunteer Match.

Goodwill encourages you to “think before you donate” and learn more about the charities you’d like to support. Be certain the organization you choose uses its revenue for charitable purposes that support a mission you can get behind.

Enjoy the season and keep the goodwill going, all!

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