Many people know Goodwill for our stores – but did you know we also have over 40 programs operating in the Greater New York and Northern New Jersey community?

Along with providing employment opportunities for those working in our stores and promoting reuse, the reason we have stores is to help support Goodwill services – services that range far beyond what happens in the stores.

We have daycare and summer camp programs for children, job rehabilitation programs for single mothers, services for returningveterans, programs to aid people recently affected by Hurricane Sandy, and more.

Just one program your Goodwill donations & purchases support: the New Mountain Academy Summer Camp.

Your Goodwill donations & purchases helped the New Mountain Academy Summer Camp get a new playground – giving kids a safe space to play.

During a tough time like this, where government and private funding are affected by the recession, our stores are more important than ever to keep these many programs and services going.

Since we were founded, our mission has been job training and job placement for persons who need our support. Your shopping and donating allows us to keep our programs and services going, and therefore, improves your community and spreads opportunity every day we are able to operate.

Thank you from all of us here at GoodwillNyNj!

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