What a great way to kick off October!: Forbes recently released a list of America’s 25 Most Inspiring Companies that included Goodwill this year for the first time.

Forbes recently named Goodwill one of America’s 25 Most Inspiring Companies.

The list was based on results from consulting firm Performance Inspired, Inc., which surveyed 2,175 consumers online to identify these “most inspiring” companies. These consumers responded by explaining the five companies they found most inspirational and why.

According to a separate Forbes article, Goodwill was one of the smaller companies on the list that did well because of a good story behind the name.

We’re proud to tell our stories of success here at Goodwill Industries of Greater New York and Northern New Jersey, Inc – from the contract shop team bringing home a paycheck for the first time in their lives to the Beacon ballerinas who find friendship and art in a free hour after school to the PROS Rebound participants growing their gorgeous garden all while thriving in recovery.

Thank you for your support, Goodwill fans – your shopping and donating choices inspire us every day to serve our communities and help others reenter the economic mainstream.

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