“Goodwill is a very recognizable name, but people do not know… the story behind the store.” – Bill Forrester, President and CEO of Goodwill Industries of Greater New York and Northern New Jersey, Inc.

Do you know the story behind our stores? NYSID does (and they recently honored Goodwill NYNJ and GoodTemps as their 2012 Member Agency of the Year – thanks to all involved!).

We’d love to share our story with you. Just click the video link below and you’ll see what we’re hard at work on here at Goodwill and GoodTemps:

2012 has been a fantastic and challenging year for GoodTemps, wherein we secured several large contracts in the New York City area, creating over a hundred new long-term office jobs for people with disabilities and those in need.

GoodTemps’ employee Curt Thompson also won an NYSID award: the Employee of the Year 2012 accolade. Congratulations, Curt!

NYSID also honored one of our GoodTemps employees, Curt Thompson, by awarding him their Employee of the Year 2012 accolade.  Curt is employed by GoodTemps at the New York City Department of Education, and it’s his hard work and dedication to the job that earned him this award. Curt represents a great example of the highly dedicated and skilled people that GoodTemps recruits and employs. Congratulations Curt!

Goodwill’s connection to NYSID Preferred Source jobs is a 25-year commitment to a shared mission toward NYC residents with disabilities. Recognizing that temporary office work would offer these individuals the widest range of employment choices, Goodwill established the GoodTemps employment division in 1997.

GoodTemps garnered several noteworthy new contracts for important customers like the NYC Human Resources Administration, the NYC Board of Education and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. This created over 100 new jobs and helped employ individuals like Curt Thompson, the GoodTemps NYSID Employee of the Year.

Our programs and services are supported by your donations. Thank you for making these successes possible!

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