Happy Holiday Weekend! To celebrate Labor Day, we thought we’d share a photo of our BEGIN program participants, men and women who are improving their lives through pursuing education and employment. Take a look at these smiles:

This Labor Day, we’re celebrating everyone who works toward their dreams – starting with our GED students at BEGIN!

Through our Brooklyn-based welfare-to-work program Begin Employment Gain Independence Now (BEGIN), we provide Greater New York and Northern New Jersey adults (19 and up) without a high school diploma or GED the basic job skills and literacy instruction they need.

Earlier this month, the GED students and their teachers went to an exhibit on Gordon Parks at the Schomburg Center in Harlem on Thursday. The students had a great time learning outside the classroom, opening their minds even further as to what a curious mind plus dedication can achieve.

Sponsored by the New York City Human Resources Administration, BEGIN aims to create career pathways for public assistance recipients. The program provides two days of basic education and GED instruction combined with three days of work experience. Other services include assessment, counseling, case management and referral. HRA referral is required.

If you’re interested in learning more about BEGIN or any of our other job preparation programs, come visit our website at www.goodwillny.org. Enjoy the weekend!

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