If you’re getting a new computer for the new school year, congratulations! But now for the problem: you’ve still got the old one on your hands. What should you do with the no-longer-needed computer? Donate it to Goodwill!

Gather those cords and external drives – Goodwill will accept any and all of your no-longer-needed computers and computer-related peripherals at our retails stores!

Goodwill has teamed up with Dell to establish Dell Reconnect – a program where anyone can bring any computer to any Goodwill store for recycling free of charge (and complete with tax receipt)!

If you donate your computer to Goodwill, you’ll be helping us:

  1. Protect the earth by preventing used computers and computer equipment from getting into area landfills
  2. Educate others about the importance of environmentally responsible computer disposal
  3. Provide employment opportunities for people with disabilities and other special needs

If your no-longer-needed computer has problems, no worries, we’ll still take it. Any brand will be accepted, any age, working or nonworking. Your old computer helped you connect with others – share the goodwill and pass it onto us. We’ll make sure it’s put to good use, creating opportunity, spreading hope, and making your community a better place for us all.

To find your nearest Goodwill, visit http://www.goodwillnynj.org/findgoodwill.aspx. And when you’re bringing in your computer and computer-related peripherals, don’t forget to add in any other no-longer-neededs you have lying around the house. The more donations we get, the more funding for our programs and services to keep changing lives.

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