Teach your kids how to know what to recycle and what to donate with our Donation Match Game – and you might just win a laptop right in time for school!

Join Goodwill and Family Circle in our fourth annual back-to-school clothing drive and help us make a difference in your community this season!

The fun is just one part of Goodwill and Family Circle‘s fourth annual back-to-school clothing drive. The drive kicked off August 1 and will also be featured in Family Circle’s September issue, an issue dedicated to back-to-school activities.

Since 2009, Family Circle readers have contributed approximately 20 million pounds of clothing donations over the past three years to local Goodwills. If you’re one of those reader/donators – thank you!

Along with the great Donation Match Game, Family Circle has also paired up with the Goodwill Donate Movement spokesperson, Lorie Marrero. She will be featured in Family Circle’s momster.com blog, sharing her organizing tips to help keep the house clutter-free during the back-to-school season.

As we segue from Summer to Fall, we hope collaborations like these help make the transition more fun for all. Enjoy the sunshine, all, and please donate if you can!

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