Goodwill covers a lot of ground: reuse and recycling initiatives, back to work programs for single mothers, business attire for returning servicemen and servicewomen, temporary job placement for qualified professionals, summer camp for community kids

While we love all our services, stores and donation centers, there are a few Goodwill programs that could really use your support right now. Here are three programs we feel deserve your special consideration:

Jump in and make a difference just like Dr. Edgar J. Helms!

Programs for People with Disabilities: The pride that comes from earning a paycheck lights up faces today the same way the electric light transformed American cities more 100 years ago. Rather that collecting and giving clothes to poor, Dr. Edgar J. Helms came up with the idea of collecting and selling clothes so he could begin to teach the poor and disabled in the population how to earn their own way. Today Goodwill continues to operate on this philosophy – that a hand up is worth more by far than a handout. Please help us continue our work of offering those who want it the opportunity to work!

Programs for Youth: Good Books encourages young people to read from a variety of works to help develop their vocabulary, reading comprehension, critical thinking, and writing skills. They are invited to participate in Goodwill-sponsored college tours; “meet the author” readings; and trips to the National Book Festival in Washington D.C. Good Books is a great way to help kids achieve!

Member for Life: Every “graduate” of a Goodwill program is automatically enrolled as a Goodwill Member for Life. This way we try and stay in contact with them to see how they are doing – if they are staying employed or if they need some more help. By this very human method we hope to build a substantial database that will help us learn more about the effectiveness of our own programs.

Family Learning Center: Anyone can walk into our Family Learning Center and learn how to use a computer, for free. We also give classes in English as a Second Language and teach work readiness. Participants can access other Goodwill resources as well, for vocational and training programs. the Family Leaning Center takes some of the strain off underserved communities, allowing family members a chance to tap in a nurturing environment and succeed.

Want to show your support? Shop and donate at Goodwill! You can also help us through making an online monetary donation. These donations help ensure our ability to keep programs for people with disability, youths, and underserved families up and running. Please spread the word and, as always, thank you for thinking of us at Goodwill!

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