What does independence mean to you? Today, we celebrate independence as the freedom to earn a paycheck, to build a life, to reenter the economic mainstream and to contribute to society. Here is just one example of what we mean:

We couldn’t be more proud to celebrate our program participants, our supporters, and our staff this Independence Day. Thank you all!

Here’s a rundown of GoodwillNyNj Facts this Independence Day:

  • 92 cents of every dollar supports direct services
  • Goodwill Greater NY and Northern NJ serves more than 100,000 people annually
  • Goodwill of Greater NY and Northern NJ placed 7,400 job-seekers in employment in 2011
  • We place 4 people in jobs every hour of every business day
  • Every 16 minutes of every business day, Goodwill of Greater NY and Northern NJ helps a person earn a good job
  • Every 5 minutes, another person accesses GoodwillNyNj opportunities to build careers and strong families
  • PROS Rebound has a program census of 120 participants serving 45-60 New Yorkers daily, working to reduce hospitalization and substance abuse relapse and to help these New Yorkers reconnect with family, go back to school, and find and keep a job

Happy Independence Day from all of us here at Goodwill!

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