Congratulations to the Beacon IS 10 2012 Robotic Team! These awesome kids won 1st place in the Tallest Robot Runway at the New York Academy of Science 2012 DYCD Robotics Scrimmage.

With their smarts and their mentors’ guidance, who knows what these kids can accomplish? The robots of tomorrow may just come from the Beacon champs of today!

The team is Christopher Borja, Rani Bouyaghroumni, Andrew Cody, Bria Davis, Max Ortega, and Alan Zhu. They were working with a mentor from the Academy and learned to program robots through an obstacle course. The kids went on to build and program the robot themselves for this competition, eventually winning first prize for Tallest Robot Runway.

The Beacon IS 10 2012 Robotic Team works out the details to create a champion robot.

We couldn’t be more proud – and you should be too. As supporters of Goodwill, your donations make programs like the Goodwill-operated Beacons possible. Thank you for being a part of these kids’ successes!

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