Did you donate during last month’s Goodwill Suits Vets? If you did, thank you – from us and the 684 vets we served over the course of that drive. With your donations, we were able to give $30,000 in interview-ready merchandise to those who served. You definitely made a difference.

Goodwill Suits Vets is a program we launched last January and continued this past Memorial Day. As part of the Goodwill Suits Vets program, vets who entered our stores during those holiday weekends were given an interview-appropriate outfit at no cost. It’s one small way to say thank you, and a big way to show vets we believe in them and their ability to reenter the workforce and the economic mainstream.

But the program goes beyond that – Goodwill Suits Vets not only honors the men who served, but also those who support them. In fact, one of our donors gave a generous donation in honor her father, a serviceman in WWII.

Gerald Levine, U.S. Air Force, served as Meteorologist during World War II, from January 1943 – 1945.

“My whole family, especially my mother, Phyllis Lewis, is delighted that my father’s clothing helped many veterans get outfitted!” said Judy DiClemente, a Northern New Jersey local who donated during the drive.

“He was a proud man who loved classic clothing. We are heartened that his wardrobe was ‘redeployed.’ He would be thrilled to help fellow veterans.”

Did you donate during Goodwill Suits Vets? We’d love to hear your story! Post in the comments below or on our Facebook Page. And if you didn’t get a chance to donate this time, no worries: we’ll be holding another Goodwill Suits Vets drive this Veterans’ Day Weekend, and every Veteran’s Day Weekend from here on out.

Thank you again to all who served and all who donated – we are grateful for your service and your support!

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