Last week, GoodwillNyNj held its first ever Job Forum“A 360ᵒ on Jobs: Policy, Economy, Training, and Employment” – a big-picture discussion of Greater New York and Northern New Jersey’s economy with a focus on ideas of how to move forward.

Our economists' panel shed light (and bright color) on how unemployment breaks down across the US. While it's not a pretty picture right this moment, there's hope if we pull together to make change.

The event included a keynote address by Department of Labor Assistant Secretary Jane Oates; an economists’ panel with Dr. Paul Harrington from Drexel University and the Honorable Edward Montgomery from Georgetown University; a civic engagement panel with representatives from JP Morgan Chase, The New York Community Trust, Ford and Kessler Foundations.

So what did we learn? More than you can imagine – and we’re hoping to share it with you.

Thanks to @NyNjGoodwill on Twitter, we were able to live tweet the discourse as it occurred. Click below to read our tweets from the event, full of insight into how the NY/NJ economy became what it is, how it compares to the rest of the country, and how, hopefully, we can pull ourselves out of this slump ASAP and help our community get back to work. Take a look:

Our tweets, live from Goodwill Industries of Greater New York and Northern New Jersey’s “A 360ᵒ on Jobs: Policy, Economy, Training, and Employment” on April 20th:

  • Pres. & CEO William Forrester tells the story behind #Goodwill – a story of giving people the chance to become independent thru work. #jobs
  • “A job is the ladder to dreams we have in life.” – William Forrester, GoodwillNyNj President & CEO #jobs #Goodwill
  • Jim Gibbons, CEO of @GoodwillIntl, to the crowd: “We are merely the stepping stones for the people we serve. It is their lives that matter.”
  • @GoodwillIntl‘s JG: “You’ve got to have the resources avail to u if your family can’t provide them… to know that somebody believes in u.”
  • “What’s the role of business?… Everyone has to change their paradigm.” – US Dep of Labor’s Jane Oates #jobs
  • “360 for community orgs means meeting ppl where they are & taking them where they want to be.” Assist. Sec. of Employment Jane Oates #jobs
  • “It’s critical colleges develop paid internships or internships for credit w/every business they touch.” -US Dep of Labor’s Jane Oates #jobs
  • “The federal gov’t has to step up to the plate. We’ve got to break down our silos.” – US Dept of Labor Jane Oates #jobs
  • Jane Oates’ checklist for change: “shared guidance; granting people waivers; developing programs for the customer, not the auditor.” #jobs
  • Crowd Q re: outsourcing. Jane Oates’ A: “We have seen 26 months job growth – we are bringing back advanced manufacturing #jobs…” (tbc)
  • “…We have to be on the ground there saying, ‘Come on, let’s get trained.'” – Jane Oates, US Dept. of Labor #jobs
  • “The color of the collar of this downturn is blue.” Dr. Paul Harrington, Drexel University, Economic #jobs
  • Henry Gooss introduces the Economists Panel: Paul Harrington of Drexel U & the Honorable Edward Montgomery, Georgetown U. #jobs #Goodwill
  • Dr. Harrington: “We’re in a ‘liquidity trap’ where short term interest rates = the value of cash. Ppl are afraid. Spending’s stifled.” #jobs
  • “About 1/3 of our unemployed workers have been out of a work a yr or more.” – Dr. Paul Harrington, Drexel economist #jobs
  • Why does unemployment in #NY go on & on? Dr. Harrington’s theories: job market mismatches, skill shortage & lack of mobility. #jobs
  • Unfortunately, the longer the duration of unemployment, the slimmer the chances to find a job, says Dr. Harrington. Why? … #jobs
  • PH: Unemployed workers are at risk to let their job skills atrophy. (So supportive skill-based programs for unemployed are also key). #jobs
  • Georgetown’s Ed Montgomery looks at underemployment vs. unemployment – 15.9% of ppl are working less hours than they need to survive. #jobs
  • Edward Montgomery: “The share of population employed is 3 times higher among those with disabilities.” #jobs
  • At the end of the day, the message is: we have to form partnerships, we have to work together to lower unemployment & create #jobs in NY.
  • #HumanServices, job services, employment support for ppl with disabilities have never been more important. Job creation is key. #jobs
What’s your take on the NY/NJ job market? We’d love to hear your thoughts on the issue. Please comment here, or head over and join the conversation on Twitter – we’d love to tweet you!
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